Frank Robertson is a media and communications expert.

Emmy Award winning anchor and reporter Frank Robertson is a media strategist specializing in effective messaging and crisis news management. A veteran broadcast authority in business, lifestyle, and cause and entertainment communications, Frank teaches corporations, nonprofit organizations, politicians and sports personalities to create positive impressions in media interviews and deliver compelling presentations to employees, clients, consumers, shareholders and the general public.

Frank Robertson is a pitchman voice for broadcast or voiceover venues.

Got product? Need a brand relevant voice? Frank draws on 36 years of theater, broadcast and comedy expertise to create and deliver memorable characters that will help you build your brand and drive sales.

From Frank’s Blog

  • Business leaders on the hot seat
  • Corporate executives looking to sharpen their
    speaking skills
  • Company brands and nonprofits that need to crystallize
    their message
  • Marketing and PR teams looking for adhoc media pro
  • Marketing and PR teams looking for a broadcast persona to help promote a product