Are you kidding me?

In my opinion, Major League Baseball has a number of credibility/integrity issues. Can you say performance enhanching drugs? How about the absence of a salary cap that allows big market teams to outspend their smaller counterparts by double or more? But, to me, the biggest credibility issue right now is horrible umpiring. We saw another glaring example of it last night during the Rays game when a pitch that was clearly a foot or more off the plate was called a strike against Carl Crawford. CC went off on the umpire and was promptly tossed out of the game as was Joe Maddon who went out to defend his player. It seems the strike zone has been expanded to include any area on the field of play. If MLB intends to hold its players accountable, it needs to do the same for umpires. When players don’t perform, they’re either sent down to the minors or given their walking papers. It seems to me that the same should apply to the umps!

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