America’s Best Loved Personal Brand, Betty White

Betty White may the biggest and best loved brand in America right now.  The 88-year old’s  hosting of “Saturday Night Live” was nothing less than brilliant. 

What I have always loved about Betty White is that she can be both naughty and nice at the same time.  Going back to her days on the “Mary Tyler Moore Show” when she played Sue Ann Nivens, she’s always been to display an incredibly sweet demeanor combined with liberal doses of sexual innuendo.  When Betty first appeared on television in the early 50’s,  married couples couldn’t even be depicted as sharing the same bed and the censors would have  had a fit with any humor  considered risqué.  SNL really changed the television landscape back in 1975 and it hasn’t really looked back ever since.  The beautiful  thing about Betty White is that she’s not looking back either.  She’s going full steam ahead!

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  1. Bill Cason Says:

    Betty White has truly branded herself as one of Americas funny ladies who we all love! Here is a funny youtube video that was shared with me that truly immortalizes just how much people truly love Betty. Enjoy! –

    Betty White Lines