Personal Evolution

I was in a play called “Later Life” recently and, in the final scene, my character said these words: “People don’t change Sally!  We are who we are only more so.”  Well, I take issue with that and here’s why.  My mother kept every report card I ever had from first grade through my senior year in high school.  I happened to be going through some files a couple of days ago and ran across all those hideously embarrassing report cards.  If you had judged me by my academic performance during those  formative years, you would have projected well, let’s just say, a less than stellar career in just about any profession.  Truthfully, I’m still amazed I made it into college.  Once I got there,  however, I was able to pursue my passion which was broadcasting.  It launched me into a career that’s lasted four decades.  In fact, it gave me the confidence to give acting a try.  “Later Life” is really the first theatre work I’ve ever done proving that we can change, even in later life. By the way, all those old report cards are now in the trash!

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