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Acting Builds Confidence

You’ve probably heard it before. The number one fear of most Americans is speaking in front of live audience. To be honest with you, I’ve always been more jittery before a crowd than I ever was in front of a television camera. So, for me, acting has become a real confidence builder. Granted, it is much different learning a playwright’s script that presenting your own material. Acting on stage, however, teaches you a great deal about presenting yourself before a live audience. I am very fortunate to be opening tonight in “The Man with the Plastic Sandwich” at the Venue Theatre in Pinellas Park. I’m working with three very talented actors in Michael DuMouchel, Kathy Richter and Betty Jane Parks along with an extremely gifted director in Midge Mamatas. Our show runs on a Thursday through Sunday schedule between today (November 4th) and November 21st. The Venue Theatre is on U.S. 19 just north of Gandy Boulevard at the Mainlands intersection. Come see us if you get the chance. To reserve tickets, call 727-822-6194.