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Class Act

In a world arguably devoid of class and dignity, there is a glimmer of hope. I read a short blurb in Saturday’s edition of the St. Pete Times that impresses me no end. A high school basketball team in Eugene, Oregon had lost one of its players when he was swept out to sea with another teenager. When the team took the floor for the first time after his death, the coach only put four players in the lineup against five on the other team during the first possession of the game. Even more impressive was the fact that 2,500 fans in the stands were wearing the young man’s number 35 jersey. These symbolic gestures transcend sports and can serve as a reminder about how we should conduct ourselves in business and life in general.

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Major Gaffe or Minor Mistake

Former and perhaps future Tampa Mayor Dick Greco is taking some heat for a comment he made during a televised debate about civil/racial unrest in the late 60’s. He compared the demonstrations to “panty raids.” At first blush, that sounds really outrageous and the kind of remark that would spark outrage. From the reports I’ve seen, there’s not much of the latter. The former Mayor now says he didn’t mean to trivialize the racial tensions of that era. He claims he meant that, like panty raids, organized protests were replicated around the country in an almost copy cat fashion. They were in vogue. It was a fad. Dick Greco is one of the most savvy politicians I have ever met and I’m surprised he let the “panty raid” comment slip. Whether it will cost him remains to be seen. One thing’s for sure though. In politics at any level, anything you say or do is magnified ten times over. I’d love to hear what you think. So, you leave your comments here.

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