Pulling for the Underdogs

Since my alma mater, Ohio University, is considered a so called mid-major in the world of college athletics, I am ecstatic that Butler and Virginia Commoweath are in the Final Four. The dilemma is which one to pull for in this evening’s national sem-final. I have to lean toward VCU because one of my best friends in the world, Denise White, is an alum. Many years ago, Denise was a student at VCU and happened to be interning at the station where I was the weekend anchor. Many of her fellow students also interned or had graduated and had been hired by the station. It can be argued that BIG TIME college athletics has been corrupted by well intended boosters (or perhaps ill intended) who grease the palms of recruits to play for their respective alma maters. Those same recruits then leave early for an even more lucrative deal in the NBA. So, here’s to the little guys who could! I only wish the brackets had worked out differently so that VCU and Butler would be playing for the national championship.

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