Media consulting

Business leaders on the hot seat

Leaders need to be ready 24/7 to respond to adverse situations, from company accidents and allegations of wrongdoing to delivering news of layoffs, sales declines and mergers. As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Say the wrong thing — project a weak position — and your brand’s credibility and reputation can nose dive into deep and troubled waters.

Frank Robertson is an experienced sounding board and a trusted advisor who you can count on to help you navigate the most challenging of times. As a journalist and community leader, he’s a professional who’s been on both sides of the story and can help you see and respond to any situation with 360-degree vision.

Corporate executives looking to sharpen their speaking skills

If your role requires you to make presentations, but you’d rather get a root canal, Frank can demystify public speaking and coach you on how to make a convincing presentation with confidence and poise. He’ll teach you to craft and communicate a clear and persuasive message that best positions your leadership, company vision or cause.

Company brands and nonprofits that need to crystallize their message

Are you one organization on a single mission? Or do your messengers each tell a different story? Frank can help your team synthesize the most complicated, even fragmented points into one clear message. Equally as important, he coaches your organization on the most effective ways to deliver that message.

Marketing and PR teams looking for adhoc media pro (links to media consulting section)
If you have a client that needs a specialist for media training or presentation delivery, Frank can work by your side to coach that client or behind-the-scenes as a consultant. You’ll look like a star, with an experienced media pro on your team!

Our services include:

  • Media Training
  • Crisis Media Consulting
  • Messaging
  • Presentation Training